1. How do I book an excursion?

Follow the steps indicated on our website www.alegretserveis.com, contact us directly by telephone 972 349 090 or email us at:

2. Can I book online?

Yes, just visit our website www.alegretserveis.com, choose the excursion you wish to book, fill in the form which appears on the right of
the description of the excursion and click “Proceed with Booking”. It is necessary to fill in every field in the form and to accept the
“Terms and Conditions”. To complete the process simply click “Book”.

3. How can I know that my booking was correctly entered?

On completing the process you will receive an email confirmation of your booking together with the electronic ticket. You will need to
present this e-ticket in order to make use of the service booked.

4. Once I have completed the online booking, how do I receive confirmation?

Bookings are confirmed by an email with your electronic ticket.

5. Can I change my booking?

If you have already made a booking and have received confirmation, you should contact us by email at info@alegretserveis.com and
inform us of the changes you wish to make. We will contact you as soon as possible indicating the steps you should take to make these

6. How can I cancel my booking?

Any cancellation should be made by email to info@alegretserveis.com and should comply with the “Terms and Conditions”.

7. What form of payment can I use?

If you book your excursion using our website, you must pay by credit card. In our offices and at authorized sales-points you may pay
with either cash or credit card.

8. Why do I need an electronic ticket?

The e-ticket is proof of payment for purchased services and is essential for making use of them.

9. Can I change any details once the booking process is completed?

If you wish to make any changes after completing your booking, you should email us at info@alegretserveis.com , stating the reference
number of the booking and detailing the changes you wish to make.

10. What should I do if I lose the electronic ticket?

If you lose your e-ticket, you should contact our offices and we will explain the steps you need to follow.

11. What are your policies for minors and disabled people

Minors should be accompanied by an adult, or, in their absence, carry relevant authorisation. Disabled people should always be accompanied.

12. What will happen if I fail to arrive at the scheduled departure time?

Failure to arrive at the scheduled departure time means losing the entire value of the ticket. This rule holds unless there is acceptable
justification (illness, hospitalization, death, etc.).

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